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Do you take NSAIDs or other medications for joint pain?  Have you been told that you may need knee replacement surgery? Does your pain limit your ability or desire to be active?

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Preventative Care VS Diagnostic Care

Know the difference.


At Complete Healthcare Services, patient health is our first priority. All the services offered are geared to patients achieving maximum good health. To help accomplish this, insurance companies have a preventative health benefit for an “annual visit” or “wellness visit”. (The terms used are not always the same.) This benefit is usually paid by the insurance at 100% with no deductible and no copay.  This benefit/service is not to be confused with a visit for medication refills, imaging studies, or acute problems like high blood pressure, a lacerated finger, or any visit presenting with symptoms that require further studies, medications and/or procedures or even that 3-month followup. Those visits are referred to as “diagnostic” and are paid by the insurance company according to their fee schedule and will have deductible/co-pay/co-insurance amounts applied which are payable by the patient. 

Insurance companies have benefit manuals online for patient access. These should be reviewed by the patient to determine what is covered for a “wellness visit”, “annual visit” or “preventative visit”, whichever term is used. It is prudent to make sure that all benefits are understood, preventative as well as all others.

Complete Healthcare Services’ staff will review patient charts to see what “preventative” care is needed and perform that assessment either at the time of a scheduled appointment or when a patient has a scheduled preventative visit. If the patient is healthy with no medical issues, screening tests are done for cardiac disease, diabetes, cholesterol levels, fall-risk assessment, dementia screening and others.  There are age appropriate screenings that are done at certain times, i.e. mammograms, colon cancer screening, abdominal aortic ultrasound for smokers, chest x-rays and others. This is also the time to talk about concerns patients may have regarding smoking cessation, weight reduction/gain, exercise/diet and overall health. Patients with poor health and multiple conditions will be limited on what a preventative visit entails, as their conditions will require “diagnostic” tests related to their various disease process(es) rather than “screening” tests.  

Hopefully this brief summary will help patients understand the difference between “Preventative Care” and follow up of medical conditions.  Remember, as a rule, “screening” tests are payable at 100% by most insurances while anything that is “diagnostic” will require patient contribution according to individual plans.